Art Detour

I’m not much of a “joiner” but did join a local art group this year. They are organizing a “mail art” event.  I looked online to see samples. A lot of  it looks likes doodles you make while on hold for tech support. Some are quite elaborate. I chose to ignore the usual presentation of just decorating a standard envelope and did my own thing. The art will be randomly distributed after the event.

20 Mar 2016

3 from 2

Great find from estate sale-6 silver plate appetizer (?) forks.  I’m digging the asymmetrical tines. From 2 forks, cut out 3 pair of earrings- good return on investment.

Two appetizer forks, three pair of earrings

Two appetizer forks, three pair of earrings

20 Jan 2016

Week One 2016-Creative Output

Now that the holiday fog has cleared, I have the urge to get back to de-greasing and wire bending.  Here are the results.

3 pair earrings, partial bracelet

3 earring pairs and partial bracelet

10 Jan 2016

Run the Numbers

I’m not very good with my business accounting but every year I vow to be more conscientious. I save (most of) my receipts and try to keep them organized in monthly envelopes. I should tally the expenses each month but I don’t. Instead, at the end of the year (or first part of the next), I figure out the expenses and the revenues all at once and hope for good news. I will not be able to retire on this income but overall, this hobby (as defined by the IRS) does pay for itself.  To all of you with any interest in my work, thank you.  Looking forward to 2016!

Thank you

Mr. Potato Head, cash in hand

03 Jan 2016


Very pleased with this pendant design–pin from motorcycle chain, washer and copper wire.


Motorcycle link,pin,washer, pendant

26 Dec 2015
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