Wild and Wooly Autumn

The fall until Christmas is by far my busiest time of year. I’ve just finished Art Westport which was AWE-some! There are 3 more shows in the next 3 months. Here’s the latest update:

Sept 23 & 24–Salt Fork River Art Fest @ Sleepy Creek Vineyards, Fairmount,IL

Oct 6, 7, 8–Summit Art Festival, Lee’s Summit, MO

Nov 24 & 25–Bizarre Bazaar, Lawrence, KS

Blanket flower and sycamore leaves

Warm colors for cooler temps

11 Sep 2017


I have never been very good documenting my process. I take photos but that’s haphazard too. I made this style of bracelet in March 2016. Now in Aug 2017, I had to figure it out again. Next event Art Westport in Kansas City, booth #72, Sept 8,9,10 2017.

Bracelet-motorcycle link and brass tubing

Motorcycle link latch,brass tubing

03 Sep 2017

Accidental Juxtaposition

I was at a show getting set up and pulled out my bag of earrings. Two separate pairs found their way to each other and made a nice design.

27 Aug 2017


Design inspiration can come from anywhere, like the 1939 New York World’s Fair or the 2017 eclipse.

24 Aug 2017

Custom Work

Occasionally I get asked if I do custom work. I can but but sometimes, what is requested is beyond my skill set. Recently, a request was made. I had a piece on display that she liked. Then she sketched out her idea which I reinterpreted.  I sent photos and further modifications were made. What she ended up with was quite a bit different from where we began. Thanks Miss Nan for being such a great collaborator in the creative process

20 Aug 2017
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