I have never been very good documenting my process. I take photos but that’s haphazard too. I made this style of bracelet in March 2016. Now in Aug 2017, I had to figure it out again. Next event Art Westport in Kansas City, booth #72, Sept 8,9,10 2017.

Bracelet-motorcycle link and brass tubing

Motorcycle link latch,brass tubing

03 Sep 2017

Accidental Juxtaposition

I was at a show getting set up and pulled out my bag of earrings. Two separate pairs found their way to each other and made a nice design.

27 Aug 2017


Design inspiration can come from anywhere, like the 1939 New York World’s Fair or the 2017 eclipse.

24 Aug 2017

Custom Work

Occasionally I get asked if I do custom work. I can but but sometimes, what is requested is beyond my skill set. Recently, a request was made. I had a piece on display that she liked. Then she sketched out her idea which I reinterpreted.  I sent photos and further modifications were made. What she ended up with was quite a bit different from where we began. Thanks Miss Nan for being such a great collaborator in the creative process

20 Aug 2017

Lighten Up

For the past couple of years, I’ve been using distinctive displays for my wares. While these are eye catching and mostly effective, they are HEAVY! I came up with an all aluminum bracelet rack which is so much lighter and hopefully easier for the viewer to see. ¬†Next big event to try this out will be Art Westport (Kansas City) in Sept.

Old/new bracelet displays

Old “dumbbell” style-display from bike & hardware parts in front.
New (taller and lighter) display, all aluminum, behind.

23 Jul 2017
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