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I Am An Artist in Cellophane—Art-o-mat

Back in May I became obsessed with the Art-o-mat project–

I did get accepted–yippee! and in Nov, I received my first check–yippee again. I am not looking to make a ton of money from these sales but I have joyed my interactions with the machines. The whole concept is fun for the artist and recipient of the art. I am blown away by being included in the “mat” at the SMITHSONIAN!!!!

Art-o-mat locations/inventory list

Art-o-mat locations/inventory list

I have made a point to check out the “mats” when on the road. So far, my path has not crossed a machine containing with my work but I am nothing if not persistent! Here are the “mats” I’ve visited in 2014:

Mulvane Gallery Topeka KS

Mulvane Gallery Topeka KS

“Cave-mat” Santa Fe, NM
Community Convention Center

"Mat-hilda" at El Centro Santa Fe, NM

“Mat-hilda” at El Centro Santa Fe, NM

14 Dec 2014

2013 Calendar–Plumber Duck–Now Available

New calendar for 2013–“Tales of Low Pressure”.   A rubber ducky plumber themed calendar full of whacky water adventures. Would make a great gift for anyone who uses indoor plumbing (or would like to).

Cover for Ducky Plumbing calendar 2013

Tales of Low Pressure-duck calendar 2013

16 Sep 2012

New Retail Locations in New Mexico

New retail locations for my bicycle chain jewelry in exotic New Mexico–

Twin Sisters Cycling and Fitness in Silver City and Seconds Eco Store in Taos.

Bike link earrings

Up-cycled bike chain earrings

15 Sep 2012

Greaserama Denouement

Good show–hot and sunny. Just like it should be.

Pin up in the making

What a cutie-pie

Rocking my Greaserama parasol

Rocking my Greaserama parasol

03 Sep 2012


Just got back from a great road trip including parts of Rt 66, New Mexico and Colorado.  Santa Fe proved to be very stimulating to the creative process–here’s my output from one morning.

Earrings and brachelets from bike chain

Jewelry from dismantled bicycle chain

26 Aug 2012
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