Blog Neglect

Wow! two months and no updates. This winter season has not been kind-episodes of vertigo, cold and the flu- no fun. Right now, I’m well. Just finished a one day show in Lenexa, Kansas, Cupid’s Gems. ALL jewelry artists. Fun show, good turn out.

Next event is a fundraiser for the Writer’s Place in Kansas City. I submitted a mixed media piece. The event will be in the evening on Feb 22.

Set up at Cupid’s Gems

First show of 2018

Writer’s PlaceTiny Art

Writer’s Place Tiny Art

04 Feb 2018

Status Update

So bummed out-got a head cold this week. Rather than sharing the “joy” with potential customers, I’m staying in-no Biz Baz for me. Last show this year is scheduled for Dec 9 Holiday Remix ( Broadway Armory, 5917 N. Broadway) in CHICAGO! This will be my first time flying with my merch and VERY abbreviated setup. This will be a big test of my organizational skills. Stay well and enjoy the season doing your own thing.

Head cold survival tools

Head cold survival tools

24 Nov 2017

Make a Statement

Work in progress-here’s the serving piece used as the focal point in this bib style necklace. I was gifted the coral pieces a while ago-finally have a piece worthy.

Bib style necklace

Necklace-serving piece

15 Oct 2017


I’m not sure what law of physics or geometry I failed at in this example but I could not get the stickpin to work the serving piece on the left. I was aiming of a similar style to the one on the right.  Re-design efforts will be posted later.

Shawl pin from pie server

Shawl pin

14 Oct 2017

Heart Attack

More spoon abuse-variations on the heart shape.


Hearts from spoons

26 Sep 2017
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