I am a salvage artist.  I like using discarded objects in unexpected ways.  The juxtaposition of these items make for a visually interesting (and sometimes humorous) composition.

I’ve be been making jewelry for years.  My techniques and materials have evolved from beads bought at Michael’s to my own lamp work beads to the current look, using found objects, scrap metal, hardware, flatware, etc. I enjoy the process of designing each piece.  My skills are limited but within my limits, there is innovation.

I enjoy face to face sales at art fairs but I will sell online. Please email if there is something I post that you are interested in-I feel lost in the crowd on Etsy.

E-mail: pilotvalve@gmail.com

There are two Facebook links on this site. The first one on the list will get you to me as a person.   The second listing is the page for the business-“Pilot Valve-The Ware House”.

Thanks for your interest, Elise


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