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Lighten Up

For the past couple of years, I’ve been using distinctive displays for my wares. While these are eye catching and mostly effective, they are HEAVY! I came up with an all aluminum bracelet rack which is so much lighter and hopefully easier for the viewer to see. ¬†Next big event to try this out will be Art Westport (Kansas City) in Sept.

Old/new bracelet displays

Old “dumbbell” style-display from bike & hardware parts in front.
New (taller and lighter) display, all aluminum, behind.

23 Jul 2017

Future Events

I’ve applied for half a dozen shows for fall/holiday season. I still waiting to hear back on most of them. Here’s what I’ve got lined up so far:

I’m delighted to be returning to Art Westport in KCMO, Sept 8-10!!! I’m planning to be in a large tent divided into quad spaces (usually on Pennsylvania, near Doughnut Lounge).

Also returning to Bizarre Bazaar in Lawrence KS, Nov 24& 25 (Thanksgiving weekend)

Looks like there will be more “Car Trunk Tetris” to be played.

Car Trunk

Booth set up



09 Jul 2017

Spring/Summer 2017-recap

It’s been a busy several months since April. Here’s what’s happened:

Wanderfest @Holy Cow Market and Music April 13– market highlighting the 31& Cherry area KCMO

Art-o-mat SwapMeet @SECCA  June 10Рcelebrating twenty years of Art-o-mat in Winston-Salmen NC

Waldo Bicycle Festival @Family Bikes June 24– event to get folks out on their bike and go drink coffee Waldo/KCMO (I sublet tent space form a nice guy from Crows Coffee)

Tour of Kansas City Watch event @ Clubhouse–hanging out with serious bike folks Crossroads/KCMO

09 Jul 2017
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