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End of the Year Wrap Up-still in the black!

Here’s 2016 summary.This was an off year due to rotator cuff repair in May.  The rehab went well but it was slow and frustrating.

I participated in nine events this year-a little less than last year.  I returned to the marketplace in June with Maker Faire which was great. I ended the year with the Recycle Santa Fe Art Fest in Dec.  I participated in new events-Summit Art Fest and Kansas City Comicon.  I did not make the cut for Art Westport-probably a combo of weak photos of my work and new management/judges. I’m planning to apply for 2017. My work is in transition-using more flatware, less bike parts.

My booth arrangement keeps evolving-going lean and clean. I’m slow and fussy about my set up but breaking down is much faster.

There were other diversions this year including a pilgrimage to North Carolina to check out  Art-o-mat headquarters. So cool. I won’t be hosting a machine but I am proud to be an “Artist in Cellophane”.

Looking forward 2017.

Shop Small Sat after Thanksgiving

Biz Baz booth detail

01 Jan 2017
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