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How to Finish

When I’m looking for my material (at the thrift store, estate sale, dumpster, etc), it’s usually got a fair amount of “patina” on it, necessitating clean up.  I start with a steel wire brush on the Dremel which leaves a soft “glowing” finish. Depending on what the surface decoration is (if there is any), I might leave it or go over it with sand paper. This leaves a brighter satin finish.

24 Sep 2015

Upcycle Umbrella 

You never know when inspiration will strike. So far, I have found and dismantled two discarded umbrellas.  I haven’t figured out what to do with the handle but the rest of it is ripe with possiblies. I have in mind some kind of flower/bow/bustle creation for the fabric.  The long “ribs” are useful,for my displays. The shorter metal supports are used in the jewelry (including the tips).

24 Sep 2015

Art Westport Wrap Up

I recently participated in the the Art Westport event in Kansas City-this was my third year. I like this show for a number of reasons–location, easy load in/out and the option of a “quad” booth space. The small space makes me focus on what’s the priority for display. Plus I don’t have to lug around that tent! PERFECT weather. Wonderful people. A very good show.

22 Sep 2015

Something’s Missing

Recently, there were some adjustments/upgrades to this blog. As a result, the photos for the most recent postings aren’t visible. I might go back and re-load the images but right now, that has limited appeal. Instead, I might just keep it fresh with my most recent efforts.

recent works

pinwheel brooches and assemblage necklace

09 Sep 2015

From Doodle to Do It!

A lot of artist/designers sketch out their ideas before they make their masterpiece.  Me, not so much. When I  do sketch things out, it’s very rough just so I don’t forget the idea.  This sketch is surprisingly close to the final product.  It’s a bib-style necklace with a little mobile action too.

02 Sep 2015
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