Archive: July, 2015

It’s All About the Graphics 

I pick my root beer based on the bottle top art.

27 Jul 2015

Recent Works

I’m applying to some fall/holiday shows.  Here are examples of recent output.

23 Jul 2015

Ninja Muse

This evening, in a rare burst of motivation (due, in no small part, to urging by the “ninja muse”) I made two pair of earrings.   

Beaded roller earrings

Beaded roller earrings

19 Jul 2015

Small World

During our recent road trip in Tucumcari, NM,  I ran into Molly form Essential Goods in Lawrence. Essential Goods carries my t-shirt skirts and some jewelry plus a number of great area artists/crafters.

TeePee Curio

Molly Crook and me

17 Jul 2015

Art-o-mat Road Trip

The theme for this summer’s road trip vacation was finding as many Art-o-mats as possible. I managed to locate 8 of them-still haven’t found my work in any of them yet.

12 Jul 2015
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