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Creativity This Week

Here’s what I managed to crank out this week plus this past weekend I was in Chicago.

Blog post

Last Monday’s “re-cap”

Newly bunished spoke nipples

Rotatory steel brush tool minus most of the bristles and bicycle spoke connectors

Bike spoke connector earrings

Bike spoke connector earrings

Bike spoke nipples

Another batch of spoke connectors

Bike spoke connectors with dark red crystal

Bike spoke connectors with dark red crystal

Art is here you find it

Water taps on the grounds of Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago


09 May 2015

Weekly Re-cap

I’m trying do at least one creative thing each day. To keep on target with this goal, I’m taking a photo for proof and continued motivation. As for my efforts, some days are more creative than others. ┬áNot sure what happened on Wednesday?!?

Glued links

Links glued for Art-o-mat


Lobster claw latch

Finished bracelet-added latch


Link bracelet revision

Bracelet revision-longer and latch


Lobster claw latch

Another bracelet revision-added latch


Triangle Earrings

Special request (contact from Hatch Show)


Spoke Abuse-cut and bent

Spoken’–bike spoke earrings


03 May 2015
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