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Hit the Road

This year one of my goals was to broaden the locations for show participation. So far I’ve been to St. Louis, MO,  Savoy, IL and most recently Albuquerque, NM. The trip to Albuquerque has been the most involved on lots of levels.  It’s about 14hours by car, so there were extra travel days in the (rented) SUV and extra nights in the hotel/motel.  It was an outdoor show, so had to bring the tent in addition to all the other usual setup.   One is at the mercy of the elements— 40+ mile/hour winds. There was some damage to the nylon “walls” of my tent but otherwise came out OK–others, not so fortunate.  It was a beautiful venue and I met great people.  I’m hoping to return in Dec for a show in  Santa Fe.

Display and merch

White bag contains product to sell. Everything else is for display

Booth set up

Booth set up, day 1

Booth setup-day 2

No tent on day 2. Note broken supports of my neighbor’s tent (on the left).

Blue Swallow Motel

This was a great place to stop, coming and going

30 Apr 2014

Rust Renaissance

Here’s some bike chain I was about to send to the scrap yard because it was SO filthy. I decided I’d clean up a few links just to see how they looked. I think they look great. So here’s the progress from rust to re-use.  This is going to the Re-cycled Art fair in Albuquerque this weekend.

Bike chain links

Bike chain links

Brass and steel roller chain link bracelet

Brass and steel roller chain link bracelet

23 Apr 2014
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