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Art/Craft Fair App Photos

I’m going to broaden my art/craft fair participation in 2014. This is a sample of my current output for consideration.

Roller chain bracelets

Re-built roller chain bracelets with contrasting rivets

Bike chain link bracelets

Bike chain link bracelets, silver finish

Bike chain links

Bike chain links-earrings and necklace

Bike spoke and earrings

Earrings using bicycle wheel spoke nipple

28 Dec 2013

Folded Metal

Learned a new technique-folding copper sheet metal. This is my version of an azalea bloom.

Copper sheet metal

Bulk sheet metal in box

Metal folded twice and annealed twice

Sheet metal folded twice

crimped edges and folded corners

Hand crimped edges

Bloom with center detail

Bloom with center detail

Bead detail

Bloom detail

15 Dec 2013

Holiday Show Over-load!

Again, I have been remiss in posting. Prepping and participating in three show in one week is a new endurance challenge for me. Now that’s over and it’s time to prep for Christmas!

Show gear

Bins and tables for show

Cowboy themed booth

Booth setup for Biz Baz

Home decor items

Booth set up for Writer’s Place Holiday Market

Cocoa canards

Relaxing with hot cocoa

08 Dec 2013
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