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I bought a these rowels (the spinny part of cowboy spurs) years ago and hadn’t done anything with them– I’ve got some ideas now.


17 Nov 2013

Learning Curve

This started as copper plumbing pipe. I sliced off a section with the intention of making a riveted oval pendant–silly me.  Shaping the slice into an oval wasn’t too difficult but drilling the hole for the rivet was a challenge and the side to side alignment was poor. I persisted and made the pendant but didn’t like the design or how it hung on the chain. So, back to the saw to slice the slice.  I kept the side with the fewest divots from the drill. It hangs much better and still has some interesting curves.

Copper tubing

Copper tubing slice

Bending copper tubing in vise

Copper tubing in vise

Copper tubing with drill hole

Copper tubing with off center drill hole


Full circle copper tubing with rivet pendant

Pendant sliced in half

Two sides of original pendant

Copper pendant with rivet

The better half of original pendant

09 Nov 2013
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