Archive: October, 2013

More Silent Inspiration-Phantom of the Opera 1925

Another silent film inspired jewelry-organ pipe earrings.

Aluminum tubing

Tiered tubing cut to resemble organ pipes

Phantom at the organ

The Phantom (Lon Chaney) at the organ

30 Oct 2013


Inspired by The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Shackle bracelet


Roller chain links and electrical connector pieces

Quasimodo in shackles

Quasimodo in shackles

28 Oct 2013

Ohhh!, that’s cool! How do you make it?

This will give you an idea of what has to happen before anything gets made.

Assorted dirt bike chain

Raw chain, straight off the bike

Dismantling chain

Connector pin partly pushed out

Bushings, rollers and links

Break down of links, bushings and rollers

Roller chain components

Here are all the components, mostly clean but still need one more rub down before making the final product

19 Oct 2013

Tiny Roller Chain

These are my latest creation- love this look with the tiny roller chain.


13 Oct 2013


Here’s the latest version of bike chain link madness. I have completely broken down the chain, cleaned all parts and then manufactured a completely new chain.


04 Oct 2013
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