Archive: February, 2013


Many thanks to my friends Bryan and Andrea of Amuck Designs for the lesson on rivets. Made hollow copper rivets and silver solid rivets to connect bicycle chain links.

Propeller-like jewelry elements

Bike chain link with silver rivet

Triangle geometry

Bike chain links with copper rivets

03 Feb 2013

Old Sweaters/New Skirt


This idea has been percolating for a while. Purchased 3 nearly identical large, XL, XXL men’s sweaters, 100% wool (with holes, I don’t want to cut up something wearable). Deconstruct,  re-assemble–*poof*–new skirt.

Charcoal gray men's sweaters

100% merino wool

Deconstructed swear we parts

Moth holes

Wool skirt made from sweaters

Skirt made from sweater sleeves

02 Feb 2013
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