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Zeleny App 2013

Applying for the Zeleny Show in Parkville, MO on March 30, 2013. Here’s a sample of my wares:

Necklaces from the workshop

Hardware necklaces

Mundane t-shirts transformed into super cute skirts

Up-cycled t-shirt skirts

Bleach patches with bike gears

Black hoodie with patches

Live model, baby onesie

Silkscreened Carp Onesie

Magazine copy on switch plate cover

Switch plate cover

Thrift store clock get a new face with vintage ad copy and map

Old clock gets new face

Rock Around the Clock

Vintage vinyl record clock

19 Jan 2013

It’s a Marshmallow World

I have slowed down my creative efforts since the fall. This does not mean I haven’t been trying new things. I have turned my attention to the kitchen (uncharted territory for me). Last winter, I researched recipes for mixing up my own hot cocoa powder. This winter, I decided to ramp it up and try my hand at making my own marshmallows. And just to add a little extra crazy, dip my over-sized marshmallows into chocolate. I’m plying friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and fellow yoga practitioners to be my taste testers. Still working on flavors and technique. I’m going to try to have these ready for Valentine’s Day gifts. We’ll see where this goes.

Chocolate dipped marshmallow

Chocolate dipped marshmallow duck


03 Jan 2013
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