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A few weeks ago I got to witness a medical office building demolition/implosion.

"stay behind the tape, ma'am"

Construction duck

Puffs of smoke at the sides of the building

Charges are going off

Coming down

small dust cloud

Engulfed in dust

Big dust cloud

Starting to clear


The show is over

Dust and debris

30 Apr 2012

New Works from Old Parts

New jewelry pieces from re-cycled bike parts.  Two upcoming Earth fair shows–Prairie Village Earth Fair April 21 and Zeleny Art Fair April 28

Bike chain bracelet

Bike chain bracelet, detail

Beaded wrench and gear brooch

Bike gear, wrench and beads

Bike chain earrings

Bike chain earrings

15 Apr 2012

Kansas City Tweed Ride – Indeed!

Tweed Ride–what a lovely day,  in between spring storms!

Full regalia

My ensemble

My Tweed steed

Sole Rider by Trek

Black and silver duck valve stem cap

Wheel detail

14 Apr 2012
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