Archive: February, 2012

Legoland Misadventure

Here’s my attempt to make a duck out of Legos–probably need a blueprint
(not sure if I need more or less bricks)!

Got to use your imagination!

My version, not so much

My version, more sphynx-like

It's a riddle!

19 Feb 2012

Zeleny App—sample works

Re-use, Re-cycle, Up-cycle

Horizontal wrench necklace w/ beading

Beaded wrench necklace

Re-used thrift store clock w/ vintage map and ad copy "face"

Lost Again

Switch plate covers w/ re-cycled ad copy

Switch plate covers w/ re-cycled ad copy

Vinyl records converted into clock

Record clock

Re-cycled t-shirt skirt

Original srceen print on up-cycled t-shirt skirt

11 Feb 2012

First Friday Show–Valentine’s Day theme

I will be showing off my “drawers” at the Honeytree Gallery in the east Crossroads area for February’s First Friday event.

Under wares

Valentine's day themed underwear

01 Feb 2012
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