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Holiday Gifting Guide

Here are some new works for the upcoming season.

Record clock--transparent yellow w/ black

Hey Jude 45 over polka 33 1/3 record

Assemblage pendant-skate key, bead, hex nut

Roller Derby babes need bling too

Mixed media-Chinese carryout

Double Happiness

18 Nov 2011

Bike Art

Revolve KC  ( 51st and Troost, KC, MO) is a  wonderful non-profit organization having an open house on Nov 11, 6-8pm . I will have these pieces on display.

Bicycle gears

Bicycle gears

Gear Head

Get out and ride

On the road again

Share the road

06 Nov 2011

I Ain’t No Swinger

Alas, no “Holiday Swing” for me.   Probably for the best, I am working X-mas weekend at my “other” job. I won’t be lacking for things to do–now, here’s my beer?!?

Vintage ad copy

Gimme that beer!

05 Nov 2011

I Should Have My Head Examined!

I am already committed to the BizBaz on Nov 25 & 26 but I have just submitted my app for the “Holiday Swing”  on Dec 4–we’ll see if I get in.

Vintage ad copy


01 Nov 2011
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