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“Rev It Up” for the last outdoor event of the year

Next weekend will be CRAZY–Friday [Oct 7]  in the Crossroads @ Krzyz Studio and Sat [Oct 8] in Lawrence @ Rev It Up Hot Rod Hullabaloo.  This year,  the car show will be in South Park. Great setting for the vehicles and nice little road trip on K-10 to check out the fall colors.

Red and white w/ dice

Red and white w/ dice

30 Sep 2011

Where to Find My Wares—NM locations

I have been very neglectful about updating where my wares are available, so here’s the latest.

*Moon Rabbit Toys in Santa Fe

It’s a totally fab toy store (w/ ducks)!

Moon Rabbit Toys

Moon Rabbit Toys

*Marcy Street Card Shop in Santa Fe

Great cards and gifts (w/ ducks)!

Marcy Street Card Store

Marcy Street Card Store

*Doodlet’s in Santa Fe

Toys, gifts and art-awesome (w/ ducks)!

Doodlet's Gifts

Doodlet's Gifts in Santa Fe

*Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari

The most cool motel on old Rt 66–check out that neon! No ducks but two delightful Golden Retrievers.

Blue Swallow Motel

Blue Swallow Motel and Pontiac

29 Sep 2011

BizBaz news

I am totally stoked about this year’s Bizarre Bazaar (Nov 25 and 26, Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, KS).  This is a great show with wonderful artists and unusual art wares.  I am very grateful and proud to be part of this event.  This is my entry that was selected for publicity/t-shirts, etc.  The actual image has been streamlined quite nicely by the committee. Check it out on facebook.

BizBaz poster 2011

Prototype poster 2011 BizBaz

28 Sep 2011

Fash Bash @ Krzyz Studio

First Friday (Oct 7, 2011) will be here before you know it!  Fashion themed show, so you know this means underwear-men’s and women’s.
Krzyz Studio, 1800 Locust, KC, MO. No need to show up fashionably late, show starts at 6pm.

Men's and women's underwear

Screen print underwear, men’s and women’s

26 Sep 2011

Un-Plaza Art Fair

What a great weekend–beautiful weather, nice people (and dogs) and great art.

My booth at the Un-Plaza Art Fair

Art al fresco

24 Sep 2011
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