Archive: August, 2011

New “Canvas”

I bought several parasols a few weeks ago. They make interesting canvases for art or shameless self promotion!

Parasol for Pilot Valve

Silk screen "Pilot Valve" on parasol

31 Aug 2011

‘Tis the season

Lampwork beads for the holiday–candy corn, skull,devil and “Frankie” beads restocked at Beadazzler Beads

Lampwork beads

Candy corn, skull, green eyed devil and Frankenstein beads


28 Aug 2011

Alien Invasion

Found some glow in the dark alien dice in Roswell, NM.  They will have a new purpose and debut at the Greaserama.

Glow in the dark dice

Alien face on glow in the dark dice


23 Aug 2011

Greaserama–It’s a comin’

One of my favorite shows is coming up Labor Day weekend (Sat & Sun). The Greaserama sponsored by Los Punk Rods.  It’s held at the Boulevard Drive-In in Kansas City, KS.  A unique custom car   show (pre ’65)  and great people watching!

Los Punk Rods present Greaserama

Greaserama presented by Los Punk Rods

21 Aug 2011

Alien Ab-duck-tion—part 1

Mysterious UFO descending to earth.


UFO descending

07 Aug 2011
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