Archive: June, 2011

You Can Tune A Piano…

This was surprising difficult to make.  Who knew that piano wire could be so stiff!

Bracelet made from piano wire

Copper coil piano wire bracelet


25 Jun 2011

Burger Signage

On a quest for hamburger signs. This is detail from one in KC, KS.

Light bulbs, hamburger sign

Detail from Paddy's Hamburgers in Kansas City, KS



20 Jun 2011

New Postcards

Two new postcard images highlighting Kansas City. Other images available. Check out my flickr site to see them all. Also available at Twisted Sister in Kansas City. Send me an e-mail-we can work out a deal.

Winstead's Drive-In

Plaza location, Winstead’s Drive-In


Western Auto signage

Downtown Kansas City,MO

17 Jun 2011

Garment hang tags

New hang tags, better inventory control–hopefully!

Pilot Valve hang tags

Pilot Valve hang tags/labels

06 Jun 2011
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