Status Update

So bummed out-got a head cold this week. Rather than sharing the “joy” with potential customers, I’m staying in-no Biz Baz for me. Last show this year is scheduled for Dec 9 Holiday Remix ( Broadway Armory, 5917 N. Broadway) in CHICAGO! This will be my first time flying with my merch and VERY abbreviated setup. This will be a big test of my organizational skills. Stay well and enjoy the season doing your own thing.

Head cold survival tools

Head cold survival tools

24 Nov 2017

Make a Statement

Work in progress-here’s the serving piece used as the focal point in this bib style necklace. I was gifted the coral pieces a while ago-finally have a piece worthy.

Bib style necklace

Necklace-serving piece

15 Oct 2017


I’m not sure what law of physics or geometry I failed at in this example but I could not get the stickpin to work the serving piece on the left. I was aiming of a similar style to the one on the right.  Re-design efforts will be posted later.

Shawl pin from pie server

Shawl pin

14 Oct 2017

Heart Attack

More spoon abuse-variations on the heart shape.


Hearts from spoons

26 Sep 2017

While You Were Sleeping

Earlier this week I woke up inspired. Not wanting to get too alert, I scratched out the design in the dark. The result came out close the original.

Lariat necklace--Key to My Heart

Lariat-style heart (from spoon) necklace

17 Sep 2017
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